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professional, personal, experimental and fun photography.

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Stan Johnson began taking pictures as an information specialist in the U.S. Army at
Fort Knox, KY, and Herzogenaurach, Germany.  After his military service, Stan
graduated from Dutchess Community College in Poughkeepsie, NY and the University
of South Carolina in Columbia, SC with a degree in Journalism.

Stan worked for several years as a journalist and photographer for newspapers in
South Carolina and New York State and then as a film processor for several film labs. In
the late '80s he became a school, wedding, sports and event photographer for various
photography studios, including Ramark-Varden, Lauren and McGrath studios.
Currently, Stan works for Carlyn Studios of Schenectady, NY.

Stan's work has taken him to elementary and high schools, colleges and universities
throughout the eastern United States from Maine to Florida, where he has
photographed thousands of students.  This photography has included portraits of
college and high school seniors, elementary school children, class groups, sports
teams and action, proms, family portraits and corporate events.

During this time, Stan's traditional wedding photography experience, combined with a
genuine photojournalistic background, has documented more than 300 weddings at
affordable rates.

Also for weddings and events, Stan currently works with Shannon Decelle, offering a
dual-camera, team approach to depict the day. Contact Shannon at

High school, college and elementary school portrait photography, including yearbook
support, sports, proms and group photography is available by contacting Trent at
Carlyn Studios at 518-372-4500.

A few years ago Stan began photographing and writing for two entertainment websites: and

During his career, Stan photographed with 35mm, medium format and 70mm film
cameras and processed black & white and color negative, slide and micro film. He also
printed most of his own black & white prints.
Since his conversion to digital technology, Stan uses digital Canon and Nikon cameras
and edits images with Photoshop. Lately, Stan has been using a Wacom pen & tablet to
combine illustration with photography in art projects.

Stan lives in the capital region of upstate New York and travels within and beyond for
photographic adventures.

All images on this website, unless otherwise noted, are copyright 2014 stan johnson.

Images are loaded medium-low resolution with an embossed symbol to discourage
unauthorized use.  Higher resolution images without embossing are available to those
who appear on these pages for commercial, promotional, web, print or personal use.
Magazines, music and fan sites may request certain images for editorial use.

A signed, limited edition set of prints of some images is planned.

Wedding, portrait or school images are available by contract. Contact
Concerts in the Capital Region of New York State are among the many photographs
here taken by Stan Johnson.  Also here are pictures of writers, photographers, film
makers and others as well as wedding, sports and school photography,
photojournalism and art projects by Stan Johnson.
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